Tuesday, November 24, 2009

black friday

we are planning to feed this week after critical mass once again. it will be a very special "buy nothing day" edition of food not bombs!
"buy nothing day" is another name for black friday, the disgusting display of gluttonous consumerism that comes after thanksgiving. people pour out of their homes, still farting turkey, to rabidly buy and buy and buy. early bird specials on game systems and spa robes pressure us to buy the best gift for our loved ones, because it's only for a limited time! during december suicide rates tend to skyrocket, and with all the pressure to make holidays "perfect", it's little surprise. we all need to learn that our families love us more than the gifts we buy them, and this binge-buying in the name of some holiday is doing more than hurting our pocketbooks. the environmental and social consequences of this consumerism go far beyond what you might imagine.
but, there is an answer. "buy nothing day" is a great time to stand in solidarity with others who question consumerism. challenge yourself to not only stay away from the mall on friday, the 27th, but to buy nothing at all. no groceries, no gas, no movie tickets, no coffee, nothing. do be sure to join us for food not bombs, as we eat food that would otherwise have ended up in a landfill, and celebrate the resistance of waste.
if you'd like more information about buy nothing day, click here.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

a couple pics from last friday

passing out the food
and here's the soup, all wrapped up and steamy-warm.

found these over at the "nebraska outdoor addict" blog. thanks mr. outdoor addict!

Monday, November 2, 2009

october critical mass

our pre-halloween critical mass feed was great! all three huge pots of potato-squash soup stayed hot and didn't spill at all during the ride (thanks to danielle for the use of her fancy trailer). we had lots of help making the food, and lots of fun doing it. we are hoping to start meeting every friday.
again, all are welcome to help, and of course all are welcome to eat.
right now, we are in need of plastic bowls. we bought some styrofoam ones, but those will only last a few washings. so if you have any extra plastic bowls, let us know.